Hp Chromebook x360 Review

The HP Chromebook x360 is a special machine, because Google is changing the mobile computer experience entirely to match modern times. If your looking for a budget friendly device that is expandable and gives you the ability to do just about everything you can on windows. I would say this is the device for you, I picked mine up at Target for around $349.99. Lets talk specs now it is touchscreen capable, allows you to download directly from google play. While some of the apps like Call of Duty and Need For Speed do not work, ones that require less memory do, this was a major drawback for me. Features A four gigabyte memory card and a Intel Celeron processor. A few more notable things are the sound quality is amazing and rich with the bluetooth capability to add any sound bar. Finally it has a small economical 32 gigabyte eMMc hard drive running on chrome operating system. Since it utilizes chrome browser to run most of the Google products and browsing it get’s the job done. If Google added a premium device to their lineup that fixes their shortcomings it would grade higher, but I grade it a B+ for quality. Thanks for taking you time to read my review, it is a budget friendly device available at the clickable links above.


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