Fall Mug For $5

Today I wanted to share a mug I bought from Target recently. It was only $5.

This mug reminds me of a squirrel that used to pick up acorns in the back yard off our deck. The squirrel also liked to throw acorns at our bedroom window, and take off running back into the woods.

When your home during the fall. The one thing you’ll want to have is mug for warm coffee, or hot cocoa.

10.2oz stoneware squirrel mug brown Target Aidensblog
Click the image or this link to shop this mug

Which Fall animal is your favorite?

Definitely the squirrel because of how fast they can run, and they jump from branch to branch like ninjas.

What Fall drink is your favorite?

Mine is hot chocolate.

What are you looking forward to this Fall?

I’m looking forward to cooler weather, cozy socks, and warm delicious drinks.

Feel free to answer one of these questions below, and let me if you liked this post by pressing the like button. Stay safe and healthy. I will see you in the next post. ❤️

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