Private Selection Dark Chocolate Peppermint Candy Cane Bark Review

Private Selection Dark Chocolate Peppermint candy cane bark

I went to Kroger the other day, and I was in the mood for holiday candy. I knew I wanted a bark something I could break up, and place on my hot chocolate, and also have as a treat. I was looking for dark chocolate because it has many benefits that I’ve mentioned in a previous post. Also, I have sensitive teeth, and dark chocolate is the only chocolate that doesn’t make my teeth hurt.

My Review

I know that I’m kind of late to reviewing this candy. It’s been out for about a few years now. For some reason I never found these, and going to Kroger is a regular trip for me.

These are thin, crispy, easy to bite into. I wouldn’t say they’re sweet. They are slightly bitter like some dark chocolate tends to be, but not overly bitter. The peppermint flavor is inside the chocolate, and the candy cane is crumbled on the top. The dark chocolate melts nicely when you eat it. The peppermint, and candy cane give this candy a cool refreshing taste.

I gave a piece to my daughter, and she loved it. She said it tastes like a delicious chocolate candy cane. It’s a fun treat whether your treating yourself, or stuffing a stocking with. I recommend this to anyone who loves dark chocolate, and is looking for a nice holiday treat.

Where can you find them?

I found these in the seasonal candy isle. I’ve also seen these on Instacart. I’ve looked on Shipt, and they are not on there app or website. If you do want them through Shipt you can request that your personal shopper pick them up for you. Kroger also delivers, but I haven’t seen them on their website either.

Shipt or Instacart ?

I feel like Shipt is the better grocery delivery out of the two for me. Shipt I feel does a more detailed job, and has better substitutions.

It could also be that the building I’m in partners with Shipt, and they just do a great job because of that reason. I feel like it may depend on the area you live in, and which stores are closer to you. My advice is try out both you may like one more than the other.

This concludes my review. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I hope you found this review helpful, and informative. Stay healthy, and safe. I will see you in the next post. If you would like to see more reviews, and fashion posts by me you can subscribe or follow me at the Aidensblog website.

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