AncestryDNA Story

My name is Roshanda Aiden. I am a Indigenous, and Nigerian American. Being a Nigerian, and Indigenous American I have been met with many challenges.

Life hasn’t been the easy, but I continously keep going. I have learned to endure, to be creative and to evolve. I rise above the challenges that I am faced with.

I was born in Texas, and went to college in California. I am a mother, and wife. I became interested in blogging, and reviewing new products. I love to draw, write, decorate, eat diverse foods, tryout skincare products, and style outfits together.

I quickly built a loyal digital friendship with many people around the world by doing honest reviews about products, and outfits that I liked. Sharing my experiences with my new found digital family.

Blogging is a passion, and I enjoy writing, and talking with other bloggers. I also love to show support to other bloggers in the community by reading, liking, retweeting, and commenting on their content. I’m a blogger who loves the blogging community, and the way we show support for each other.